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Heal, Empower, and Enlighten


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The Divine Power of the Womb

is the Essential Power of Creation.  
It is the Divine Feminine Power that Created Everything .

The Power of the Womb is Your Birthright

Healing of the Womb is Divine

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Womb Chakra:
Enlightenment, Miracles, and the Sacred Feminine Energy in You

The womb chakra is the access point in you to enlightenment, miracles and the divine feminine power of all creation. For both men and women this is your fast track to spiritual power and transcendence

If you want to:

  • Embody the ultimate Goddess (Divine Mother),

  • Conduct miraculous healing, wash your karmas,

  • Embrace your soul potential, or

  • Understand the inner workings of the Sacred Feminine—

This class is for you.


Sacred Pregnancy: Divine Processes for Mothers and Practitioners to Bring Enlightenment to a Child in the Womb

A mother can develop her child’s soul as it is growing in your womb. She can transmit high spiritual energy through simple practices, prayers, and meditations. 

These techniques for Mothers and Practitioners can awaken the highest spiritual energy and consciousness in a baby’s soul to reach its fullest potential and create a Divine Child.

Watch: Intro Video


Sacred Menopause: 
The Ancient Practices of the Wise Woman

The time of menopause is a time when the wise blood is held within; a crowning time of your sacred feminine power. Learn the ancient practices of empowerment to reach your enlightenment and become a wise woman.

Watch: Intro Video

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Kaala Chakra is the wheel of time that determines and limits our progression and plays out our karmas. It is our soul clock and the clock of creation.
When we master the Kaala Chakra we gain protection from karma and advancement in our soul progression. Mastering Kaala is key to our enlightenment and to accessing the miracle energies of all creation.


Introduction to Soul Healing

This class if for those who have charged channels from Sri Kaleshwar and now wish to know how to use them to heal others.

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Within Every Woman is an Access Point to the Divine Creative Power.

Be The Divine Power You Were Meant To Be

Benefits of Womb Healing

Womb Chakra purification and practices can eliminate the negative effects of:

  • broken heartedness, 

  • negative relationships

  • negative sexual experiences and abuse, 

  • some chronic illnesses

  • help parents to create the highest divine energies for their child during conception and pregnancy. 

Get a Healing

Take the Womb Chakra Class  Online

Empower YOUR Divine Truth

The Womb Chakra is the seat of Sacred Feminine Power.  It is your connection point to Mother Divine’s womb—the

great Goddess who created all  things.

Be the Goddess in YOU

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Womb Healing Services

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Womb Healing

Distance and In Person Healing Sessions

Purification of the Womb Chakra helps eliminate karmas, heals physical ailments, clears heartbreak, heals negative or abusive sexuality, and much more.

The Holy Womb Chakra is a primary resting place of the soul energy. It is also a connection to karma and to the creation energies of the universe. Through purifying and empowering your womb chakra you gain access to this eternal energy in you.

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Read More About Distance Healing

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Pregnancy and Divine Babies

"A mother can bring enlightenment to the baby she's carrying in her womb. She can make her child into a pure crystal divine soul."

Receive and Learn Divine Prayers for your baby in the womb to make your child a divine soul.

Take the Class-- Make Divine Baby

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Classes and Audio Blog

Learn and Enlighten with Online Video Classes and Free Audio Blog

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Soul Healing

Distance Healing For Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit

Soul Healing can improve all areas of life, mental , emotional, physical and spiritual. Using ancient sacred healing prayers and healing energy from Divine sources to get rid of past karma and current life negativities, illusions and abuse.

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Free Resources

Home: Resources
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Estrogen Dominance: PMS, PCOS, Infertility and More

If you have PMS, PCOS, Infertility, Fibroids, or other troubling symptoms, you may have Estrogen Dominance.  Click "read more" to see symptoms , causes, and things you can do.

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Releasing Negativity: Decharge

Easy practices for releasing everyday negativity.  Negativity happens-- clean it up.  See a choice of practices to decharge and feel better.

Watch: Intro Video on Importance of Decharge

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Mother's Healing Prayers for a Child of Any Age

Use this simple but powerful process to send highest healing energy to your child.

Contact me today for access to additional articles.

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Feedback I’ve Received


"She embodies the loving presence of the Divine Mother, as she works with your body, spirit and Soul to clear the blockages that may be present."-

L. J. distance client


"Cindy is gentle and loving while uncompromising in her strength and professionalism. Cindy helps me to “see” myself, the world and other people, in ways nobody has been able to. Through her magical gifts and mastered skills, Cindy heals. I trust Cindy with my soul and mind."

E.V.S. Distance Client


"Cindy is a diamond in the world, offering her clarity and crystal facets of Love, Healing and Wisdom from her deep connection with the Divine. Cindy ignites the spark within us to learn how to connect to the Divine power we all have within us. I recommend for those who truly wish to learn how to master their own souls' healing and to know their own inner voice to seek out her Divine guidance as a soul healer. You will be Blessed!"

D.E. Student

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About Me

Cindy Lindsay

I am blessed to have been an energy healer for over 30 years. Though I started as a Shamanic Healer, I have studied in the US and India with Sri Kaleshwar since 2001. I am a certified teacher of the ancient Vedic mantra and yantra systems. Prior to being a healer I earned a PhD. in Psychology and was a university professor and consultant.

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